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Candle Flower Gift Set is the perfect grab for any occasion! This box includes a fragrance and a candle! Some sets even come with smaller candles for quick all-day use. Each fragrance and candle leaves a warm and welcoming scent with a hint of romance! This aromatherapy is the set of the season. Check out the multiple options made available to you to gift to your loved ones, your best friends, your mother...  literally anyone!

ÔĽŅSet 1: Red

  • First Item: Red Fruit Wax Tablets
  • Vanilla, Amber, Driftwood
  • Second Item: Candle (Marshmallow)
  • Sweet Orange, Honey, Jasmine

Set 2: Pink

  • First Item: Candle
  • Lily, Rose, Violet
  • Second Item: 4 Mini Candles (Sunshine Rose)
  • Hazelnut, Almond, Tangerine

Set 3: Green

  • First Item: Fragrance (Fresh and Spring)
  • Lemon, Citrus, Lavender
  • Second Item: Candle (Gardenia)
  • Mint, Lilac, White Blue Jade

Set 4: Grey

  • First Item: Candle
  • Lily, Ambergris, Orange Blossom
  • Second Item: 4 Mini Candles (Ginger and Orange)
  • Citrus, Lemon, Bergamot


  • Set Size: 10 by 10 in.
  • Included in Set: Artificial Flowers, Fragrance, Candles
  • Handmade, Decor, Gift

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