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5 Reasons Why: Getting A Rose Teddy Bear

It’s always time for gift giving! 2020 was such a difficult time for many but we want to make sure everyone knows that they are loved! Our most popular gift throughout the years is back and we want to let you know why we think you need the Rose Bear with our beautiful gift box! Valentine’s Day and other holidays are coming up and we want to give you the best option as a gift! Read below to find our top five reasons.

Roses are a symbol of love. Now, what’s better than giving the one you love a teddy bear made from roses! This Rose Teddy Bear will be the ultimate symbol of your love for someone. Once you give them the Rose Bear, they’ll fall right in love with you all over again. Give it to a significant other, or someone that is super close to you. They’ll love it! 

Not only is this a way to show someone that you love them, but you’ll also be giving them the cutest display piece! If they want, they can take the bear out of the gift box and display it anywhere. We think that the bear looks so beautiful in its box though. It comes in a transparent box with a black lid, wrapped up in a beautiful ribbon! However, since the roses are made with thick soft material, it can withstand being outside of the box while still looking stunning! They can put it in their bedrooms, living rooms, office, or anywhere they want!

Since the Rose Teddy Bear is not made with fresh roses, our roses will last forever. They are made with a soft material that shapes and folds into a natural petal shape. They come with about 520 petals, making the bear look full all the time. The bottom does not come with rose petals so you can stand it up without worrying that they will fall off. Your lover can always remember your love for them as long as they want!

Valentine's Day? Birthday? Anniversary? The Rose Bear is the best gift to give to them. It’s a handmade gift that they can treasure. We’ll even give you more ideas! Grab a Rose Teddy Bear and gift it with a bunch of real roses, a card, chocolate, or jewelry. You can combine this bear with anything special for your loved one. We’re sure you’ll get a loving reaction from them.

Yes, our Rose Bear is one of the best gifts to give… but we always have others! Don’t want red roses? You can do pink, white, or blue! You can even get a Rose Bunny or Rose Puppy! You can even get them roses from our collection here. Our whole catalogue is filled with great gifts that you can give to your loved ones. We’re sure you’ll find something to give to them.

Ready to get your Rose Bears and more? You’re going to make someone so happy with it! Keep spreading love all 2021 long, we’re gonna need it. Have fun browsing our site! You can look for your bears here. Happy shopping, love ya!

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