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Top 5 Gifts For Mother's Day

With Mothers Day right around the corner (May 9th for those who forgot) I’m sure I can’t be the only one looking for Mothers Day gift ideas. Which poses the question, what should I get my mom? That depends a lot on her and on you. A little inspiration never hurt anybody, so here are 5 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day!

Gift Idea #1 → Bath Bomb 

No one deserves relaxation like a busy mom. Give her a chance to take a break with Bath Bomb. Let your mom get comfy in the tub and relax with a nice warm bath. With tons of different flavors to choose from, she’s sure to find exactly what she needs to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Gift Idea #2 → Spring Cleaning

Who doesn’t love a break from cleaning? Let your mom kick back and relax while someone else gives her home a good, deep clean. Grab your mop, bucket, and eco-friendly cleaning products and give her space a thorough once-over. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just hire a professional cleaning service! She doesn’t have to know ;)

Gift Idea #3 → Mothers Day Brunch

I don’t know any mothers who dislike a good brunch! Take your mom out to her favorite restaurant, or create a brunch in her honor at home. Make sure her favorite foods are there, and that she has a special place as the guest of honor. Let her enjoy a nice meal that she doesn’t have to create on her own. Make your mom feel extra special this year!

Gift Idea #4 → Necklace 

You can never go wrong with a beautiful necklace. Head into your mom's favorite store, or grab your computer and hit the internet! Pick out a necklace that’s her style and will go nice with her closet. Get her an amazing gift which she can cherish around her neck everyday! P.S - if you’re going expensive and don’t know what style to get, just ask her! It’s not worth getting wrong! 

Gift Idea #5 → Flower Teddy Bear

The Flower Teddy Bear is the perfect gift for mothers day this year! Not only is this a great way to show your mom that you love them, but you’ll also be giving them the cutest display piece!  It comes in a transparent box with a black lid, wrapped up in a beautiful ribbon! If they want, they can take the bear out of the gift box and display it anywhere. However, since the roses are made with thick soft material, it can withstand being outside of the box while still looking stunning! They can put it in their bedrooms, living rooms, office, or anywhere they want! The Flower Teddy Bear is completely handmade and contains about 520 individual synthetic roses. Each rose is precisely manufactured to resemble real roses, including the individual petal that make up the roses. The petals have a natural texture which can fold, resulting in a rich vivid teddy bear. Each individual petal is carefully glued so that they would not fall out. Since the Rose Teddy Bear is not made with fresh roses, they will last indefinitely. You can also choose which color you want your bear to be, based on what you want it to symbolize for your mother. If you are also interested in assembling one yourself, the Flower Teddy Bear is also available in a kit for those do-it-yourself enthusiasts out there. Check out this red rose bear kit if you are interested! 

Whatever gift you decide to get your mother this year, I’m sure she’ll just be happy that you’ve been thinking of her and to have your company! If you’re interested in shopping for a Flower Teddy Bear you can SHOP NOW!

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