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What is a Flower Teddy Bear and How is it Made!

What is a Flower Teddy Bear and How is it Made!

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and we understand both the pain and joy of finding your significant other the right gift. Coming up with the perfect gift every year is a challenge, but here at Flower Teddy Bear we have made your job less of a stress. Surprise your loved one this year with our Flower Teddy Bear collection! It is cute and very popular every year around the world!

What is The Flower Teddy Bear?


The Flower Teddy Bear is the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially during this year’s Valentine’s day. It is an ultra-soft teddy bear that is made of soft synthetic roses available in a variety of colors. This Flower Teddy bear makes a great decorative piece in your loved one’s home or office. If you are also interested in assembling one yourself, the Flower Teddy Bear is also available in a kit for those do-it-yourself enthusiasts out there. Check out this red rose bear kit if you are interested!

How is it made?

The Flower Teddy Bear is completely handmade and contains about 520 individual synthetic roses. The bottom has no flowers for a better grip and standing it up without worrying that it will fall off. Each rose is precisely manufactured to resemble real roses, including the individual petal that make up the roses. The petals have a natural texture which can fold, resulting in a rich vivid teddy bear. Each individual petal is carefully glued so that they would not fall out. Since the Rose Teddy Bear is not made with fresh roses, they will last indefinitely!


So what are you waiting for? Ready to surprise your loved one with one of our beautiful Rose Teddy Bears? Then have fun browsing our Rose Teddy Bear collection here. Our collection comes with red, pink, blue and white! If you don’t want a Teddy Bear, you can also get a Rose Bunny or Rose Dog instead! Have a happy valentine’s day!

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